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Maternity Prep Guide

Preparing for your Maternity Session


1.  Please come with your makeup and hair ready. 

2. Please bring a few clothing options for you and your husband to wear; we can pick the best looks at the studio or once we are at the outdoor location.

3. Please have on nude colored underwear (boy-short, a thong or high cut briefs are best) and a nude colored strapless push-up bra. I do not recommend wearing a regular bra and tucking in the straps, that can lead to a lack of support, and bumpy material under the dress. Sometimes, I will not be able to edit out these imperfections, and it is better for everything to look the best it can during the session rather than trying to fix things later. 

*Please make sure that the underwear you choose is not too tight!* Panty lines will show in the form fitting, tight gowns, and do not look good at all, just like with any other outfit you wear. It’s better to have loose underwear, than underwear that cuts into your skin and will create visible bumps and indentations under the gown. 

4. Mommies-to-be can also bring a pair of maternity skinny jeans, a tank top, and a maternity top. If you have a maxi dress you would like to wear, please bring that as well. I have two dresses I provide for all sessions, but you are welcome to bring additional outfits. Traditional/cultural outfits are welcomed as well.

For the Dads, a button down shirt with jeans is great, or a t-shirt can look great too. For both parents, I always recommend wearing neutrals and earth tones. Please no bright patterns or colors, they can be overwhelming in pictures, as well as clothing with noticeable logos. Really strong colors can also create color casts on your skin, and those aren’t flattering either. 

5. If you have older children that you would like to include in the session, a t-shirt and jeans is great for boys, even a button down shirt, and for girls dresses look great. Shoes are not a requirement, usually bare feet for all people being photographed can be a safer and more comfortable option. Please bring snacks and toys for kids to play with during the session, and make sure they have eaten a good meal prior to the session, and that we are not scheduling to meet during nap time.

6. Please also bring a sonogram picture or strip of sonogram pictures, and a pair of booties or shoes with you to use a prop in your photos. If you have other items you would like to incorporate in the pictures, please let me know ahead of time.

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